Saturday, August 14, 2010

it seems like the only thing I write about is love. I'm okay with that.

The reality of a new semester of college is beginning to sink in. I'm very excited to begin this next chapter in my life, but at the same time I'm not ready to let go of the beautiful chapter that God finished about a week ago today. I won't say that He finished it forever, because I know that the friendships I made and the work that God did through us in the lives of those kids are eternal. But I do miss waking up with 23 people who desire to share the gospel and who deeply love the Lord.

However, I have been waking up to my best friend Sydney, who is a huge blessing in my life. Huge. God fashioned us together as best friends in a strange way (ask me about it sometime), but it was just another way that God has shown me that He has control and works in some amazing ways.

I have said and written several times that I have changed and my life will never be the same. I've already seen how that change has impacted my life. My priorities in life have begun to change. The things I once thought were very important don't hold as much water.

I got to talk to one of my dear friends Emily from my team this summer last night. Our thirty minute phone call was like chicken soup to my soul. She was always so encouraging to me this summer, but to hear her words of kindess and uplifting advice meant so much more outside of "camp world".

It's pretty awesome to think that the God who created this universe and everything in it and who is more majestic, mighty, and powerful than I'll ever understand loves me. He gave me friendships and laughter and people that I can pour my heart into and they pour theirs back in return.

I've said before that I am a very loving person. This is a strength and a weakness in my life, because it's easy to fall hard when someone misuses or rejects the love that you have invested in them. This summer I saw how God uses my loving personality. And yes, it did hurt in some ways, and still does, I know He's not finished with me yet. And as strange as it sounds, loving to the point of hurting is the best kind.


How great the love the Father has shown us that He would call us His own!

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  1. MC, your heart is beautiful. It's corny, but you really are beautiful inside and out :) The Lord has given you SUCH a gift of love, and it radiates from you! It's totally okay to blog about God's love for us all the time! You know that you're in my prayers.